Piece Of My Heart Collection

Work Week Chic.

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Today I want to thank Shounak Amonkar & Pranay Jaitly of “Who Wore What When” for featuring me/ “Piece Of My Heart Collection” on their site:


Piece Of My heart Collection

Piece Of My Heart Collection – WORK WEEK CHIC by Who Wore What When.  Photo by Cristian Martinelli. Models by IceModels Milan.


“What matters is the person I have in front of me: not a size or a number, but a woman, with her fragilities, dreams, passions and pride.” Quoting Diana, a young fashion designer, founder of Piece Of My Heart. A graduate from the Milan Polytechnic in Industrial Fashion Design, specializing as Fashion Designer at AFOL in Milan. For her fashion is a place where people can express themselves. Lab 11 is the name of the studio she founded in her city, where she would create Piece Of My Heart items. What shows her collection is a whimsical yet a powerful stance, with black, brown, white and in bounce of a surprise color. The aesthetic feel of this collection is in its military-like cut, Which shows in the jackets and yet the fall of the flimsy / flowy fabric on the garments. This collection, for us, is a winner!


Piece Of My Heart Spring 2015

Piece Of My Heart Spring 2015

Or you can find the amazing pictures about this collaboration on their site.

Photography – Christian Martinelli
Styling – Shounak Amonkar & Pranay Jaitly
Make Up – Alessandra Sanna
Models – Luca, Sydney & Olga @ Ice Models
Assistant Stylist – Anushri Goliya
Thank you so much again guys!!




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