Summer outfits ideas

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Summer is here and if you are at the beach, well you’re lucky, I envy you!! (joking!!)

It’s vacation time so if you are already away or not, today I’d like to talk about some of the outfits I’d like to wear. I always try to think of outfits that are perfect almost for every moment of the day: from morning to night. Fresh, colorful and easy to wear + match! Just take a look at you closet and see if you can find similar items! Then try to match them! It’s one of the funniest thing of fashion: play with volumes, proortion and most of all, colors!!



Summer Outfits Ideas #1

Summer Outfits Ideas #1 by pomyheart

Summer is perfect for dresses, so for the first look I’ve selected a viscose patterned maxi dress (by H&M) which is colorful, fresh and usually with s a simple cut, perfect from the moment you go to the beach till your nights out. It’s easy to match with flat sandals but to look more slender wear a platform wedge sandals (by Steve Madden). You will be able to see the world from a different point of you (really, world changes a lot with 13 cm) or freak people out for how tall you will look!! The skirt – if long enough – will cover your shoes…wonderful trick!!

You can add a floppy hat but the most important thing is to not forget your sunglasses!! I would keep the look very simple: bangles (by Accessorize) and a funny bag (by Chanel *dream*).

Make up and Hair. Since it’s Summer I would choose just a mascara and a rose lip balm plus I would gather my hair in a braid: fresh and very practical.



Summer outfits ideas #2


Even this second look is perfect from day to night, but I would wear it from a walk around the city of from the happy hour onwards. It’s a silk dress ( and let me say that: it will keep fresh all day!) Since it’s a midi model I would match – again – a pair of wedge platform sandals (by Jeffrey Campbell)…mabe it’s not so cool anymore for a walk around the city…I know myself very very well…I think I will walk with no shoes after few minutes!

A colorful bag is the perfect final touch. Maybe a cluth like this one by Yliana Yepez, made of a different shades of bright blue, creates a dimensional final look!! (It’s true! Trust me!!)

Make up and hair: again, keep it simple!! A high messy bun with a touch of mascara on your eyes. Lip balm is a must.



Summer Outfits Ideas #3


For the last outfid idea I thought of a yellow silk shirt (by Gucci) and a pair of black denim shorts (by Abercrombie). Shorts are an item that most of us never forget to bring along during our summer vacation (right?)

To keep the look more fresh and fun I would wear a pair of blue espadrillas (by Miu Miu) but you can always opt for a gladiators sandals if you have very nice calfs (that’s not me…sadly).

I would wear this outfit especially in the evening, but it’s perfect always, don’t worry – well, except for the beach, I suppose. I would wear earrings (by Chanel) and black+gold bangles (by Samantha Wills). I selected a rafia tote because, let’s be honest, rafia totes gives you a true summer feeling, and it’s Summer! Let’s enjoy this wonderful season!!! However, you can always match a black/natural leather color bag.

Make up and hair: a low messy bun. It’s summer, you don’t need to be perfect (I’m actually never perfect, tbh) so even the make up should to be fresh! Mascara is a must, as always!


A little recap: all these Summer outfits ideas, especially the dresses, can be matched with flat sandals, but keep in mind few things: 1. confidence, 2. if you still feel not so confident with your body, I you share this little advice: be aware about the shape of your legs. Heeled / wedges shoes are for sure the best because they make you look slender; flat shoes can be very comfortable, but they could destroy the harmony of your figure…now you get why I wrote point 2.



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