Piece of my Heart

Do you want to know which size fit you better?


*If you don’t find the right measurement, don’t worry, it’s normal, we have a different body structure, because we are all unique! All you have to do is to choose YOU! More info here.

PLEASE NOTE: Measurements can slightly vary with different materials.

** What if the size I selected is wrong?!
No problem, you can change it by following this instruction.

What “YOU” means? How does “YOU” menu selection works? How do I take my measurement?
It’s very easy. When you select “YOU” you will proceed with the purchase. After this you will receive an email where I’ll explain to you how to take your measures. Once you filled all the required fields send the email back to me and in no more than a week you will receive your selected item. It’s very simple, don’t be scared by all these words!

Please remember that you’ll have something really unique, something like you only see on the red carpet: a clothe tailor-made for you.