How I’d wear black pants.

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Black pants are an item that everyone – I suppose – has in their closet. What surprises me a lot is most of the time I see black over black. As much as I love black outfits, I think they’re not so easy to wear. Let me explain. Everyone can create a black total look but very few know how to make it special.

Since most of the time we don’t wear our coat in the office, or we don’t work with the bag in our hands, here’s my suggestions on how I’d wear black pants. All you need is a touch of color.



My Perfect Pair: Fall Loafers.
How I’d wear black pants

Don’t be scared about the prices. I’m sure you can find something similar that will fit your budget. I have obviously a pair of black pants that I made, and I have a striped tshirt (I love stripes, so I have many tshirt/sweater in different colors), but if I’d like to feel more classy, I’d wear these colors: milk chocolate and black. Here, I selected a cropped top, otherwise I would tuck it into the pants, like in the next outfit.

It's not total black!
How I’d wear black pants

I love this outfit. I selected a different type of black pants – straight legs pants are perfect too. The colorful t-shirt gives a cool feeling to the final look. To complete the outfit I’d make two braids because I always think we shouldn’t take ourselves too much seriously.
And here how I’d wear the same outfits with Piece Of My Heart black pants.
Piece Of My Heart ® | Diana's Illustrations

How I’d wear a black pants: with a striped top.

Piece Of My Heart ® | Diana's Illustrations

How I’d wear black pants: with a colorful t-shirt

As always keep in mind that you are the only one who can make a look perfectly fit on you. These are little tips I like to share. Having good taste is important but how you wear is much more important! Just be confident about what you wear and the magic will happen.

ps. I will take a very long break from the blog, but I will be back!!

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