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Fall item: Duster Jacket.

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Duster jacket is a very good item for this season, especially when it’s sunny and you don’t know what to wear.

I usually wear layer over layer, and a duster jacket is the perfect item to complete the outfit. Here’s some example on how I’d wear a black duster jacket (from my Piece Of My Heart Summer Collection):



How I’d wear a duster jacket.


When you have a black outerwear it’s very fun to play with colors. It can be your accessories or an item -like the shirt on the left and the trousers on the right. As you can see there is nothing too excessive, just a touch of color. I love colors…did I already say that?



Duster Jacket idea n.1 | COLORFUL DETAILS:

Poetry in Petals
Poetry in Petals by Diana | Piece Of My Heart


I love shorts. They’re very practical and fresh. Shorts and sneakers are my favorite items (ICYMI). I would always wear them: Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn, who cares about the season? With tights or not you can always wear them!! Yeah, even skirts…I know,  but I think I would be a little too clumsy for them…I mean, when you are taking picture, you can’t waste time on worrying how you’re moving, right? You have to catch the moment in the best possible way!

Btw, since the shorts and the duster jacket are black I would wear a very colorful shirt, something red would be perfect! I completed the look with a red clutch bag – and a pair of converse as second choice, if you don’t want to wear ankle boots (that’s me!!)

Make up and hair: don’t be too worried on having your hair perfectly combed…a little messy are perfect too! Plus I would use a very bright red for the lips (picture on the top/left). Strong feeling uh? I love it!!



Duster Jacket idea n.2 | SPORTY CHIC:

Duster Jacket  | 2
Duster Jacket by Diana | Piece Of My Heart

Here we have the same duster jacket but this time with mustard straight legs pants. I heard you!! Come on! You need a bit of color in your life! You don’t need to wear a total black to feel classy. As I always say, what really matter is your attitude, and a pair of mustard pants will just add some energy to your look. Just match them with a sleveless black top and a pair of white sneakers and you will be ready for any kind of adventure – from morning to night.

You can replace the sneakers (I would be very sad if you will do it, joking!) with a pair of black loafers or something never too high…I mean you can, but from my point of view it will be a little bit too much, but as always, this is just my opinion! :)

Just be the woman you want to be!!!


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