Piece of my Heart

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They are saying:

Julia, Berlin, 23
“I love PIECE OF MY HEART clothes. They make you feel at ease. They are charming and of outstanding quality. To me they are really a “piece of heart” of the designer because you feel that they are made with passion. I recommend them 100%”.


Veronica, Florence, 25
“I love Rock music and I found something about me in PIECE OF MY HEART”.


Lilli, Varese, 60
“It has a fresh and young design. I bought two garments of PIECE OF MY HEART for my daughter and she was delight. Quality clothes, really well made and easy to wear at the same time”.


Greta, Milan, 32
“I went to PIECE OF MY HEART Atelier. I chose two tailor-made items for me. Now I can’t live without them. I’m genuinely satisfied”.


Sofia, Athens, 25 
“I love the clothes so much! They fit perfectly. My mother adored them too haha”